How has perceived value affected your personal growth, professional growth, impact, and income? That question reminded me of a visit to a specialist doctor. Discovering this distinction will help you to get the best out of the efforts you already put in because this might be that missing element.

One day my wife and I went to consult a specialist doctor for her nose ailment. The doctor was well-qualified. He gave her advice, solace, and medicine. The consulting charge was $350. ( Higher than we expected)

During our second visit, the doctor was absent and we had to consult another…

Critical thinking is essential for gaining a deeper understanding of any topic situation, or issue. If you have barriers to the critical thinking process, it can seriously harm your ability to move forward in your career, business, and life.

When you’re aware of these barriers, you can be better prepared and focus your thinking on what’s going to help you get ahead.

Here are 7 barriers that can impede your critical thinking process:

  1. Lack of Patience — Many people just don’t have the patience or propensity to think. …

Many executives I coached during the past few years were introduced to me as ‘ Hi-Po’ — which means the organisation deemed them to be a High-Potential Employee/Executive. They were identified as extraordinary, provided more visibility, given more opportunities — which in turn — resulted in their rapid career progression. Do you know someone like that? It might be your former colleague or a classmate in university, who scaled the career ladder faster than you.

That begs the question. What makes someone a High-Potential?

What helped them to be viewed as extraordinary, provided more visibility, given more opportunities? More importantly…

If a rocketship has to break free from the earth’s gravitational pull and soar high, the rocketship has to reach a speed known as Escape Velocity

Similarly, to climb your career ladder faster and grow to your full potential, you need to achieve escape velocity in your career, otherwise, Career Gravity (like lack of appreciation, lack of support, lack of skills, office politics, and more) might hold you down in the lower rungs of the career ladder.

Here’s what most people do not notice:

When it comes to job selections, awards of lucrative contracts, preference for promotions, and public recognition…

Do you ignore Early Warnings?

Recently, I noticed ONE thing that many executives ignore and that is harming their careers. I would like YOU to take notice of this because it might be harming your career too. But, before we go further…. Take a moment to think….

Do you REALLY pay attention to Early Warning Signs that might be a threat to your career?

When you notice an Early Warning Sign, do you act on it? OR Do you ignore it?

Today, I would like to share with you 3 things that you need to watch out for — so…

There is a misconception made popular by book-vending apps, authors, and publishers that successful CEOs read a-book-a-week! What’s inherent in that assertion is that if you do not read as many books as others do — you are not successful.

While I read and recommend reading, I do not encourage mindless reading — especially if you have ambitious personal and professional goals.

To be sure, I checked with many successful C-level leaders in different industries and found three things

  • They do not count the books they read (their goal is not the number)
  • They do not complete every book they…

During an interview a few years ago, I was asked “ Do you think introverts can become public speakers?” Being proudly introverted, I started to smile. Since my early days in Public Speaking, I have noticed that introverts are way better suited for public speaking, even though it can be energy-draining and immensely nerve-wracking for most introverts. The good news is that these obstacles can be easily be overcome with proper systems, techniques, and tactics.

If you are an introvert playing small and diminishing your significance, here what I have to say to you:

Stop being quiet and embrace public…

Recently, two media articles caught my attention. One was raving about the CEO of BHP for focussing on “Social Value” and another non-flattering article about the CEO of Rio Tinto who was forced to resign along with some Senior Executives for their callous indifference — and calls for investigations.

The Guardian reported that Rio Tinto blew up a 46,000-year-old rock shelter that was highly significant to the Aboriginal traditional owners

“The Rio Tinto chief executive, Jean-Sébastien Jacques, and two other senior executives are leaving the global miner after its board bowed to intense investor pressure for strong action over its…

Given that most people are working remotely, many executives have been asking me about how to maintain closer relationships with people at work. Some people feel they are “ being left out of the loop”, “ being micromanaged”, “ do not feel important”, “ losing visibility”, and “ living in fear they are going to be sacked next”.

In times like these, your network determines your net worth.

For many years, during my leadership coaching sessions, I have been sharing actionable strategies on

“How To Build Your Professional Network Without Drinking, Bragging, or Golfing!

It turns out, these are more…

Recently, an executive called me to say -

Manoj, my boss is blocking my progress in this organization. He has not given me a better role in many years. I feel like I am stuck behind a BIG BUS on a narrow lane. We are already in the middle of 2020. Soon it will be 2021 and nothing will change!” {I loved the BIG BUS analogy which represented your Big Boss blocking your career path}

Sounds familiar? Still, I probed deeper.

Are there better roles in your organization you believe you deserve to be in? …

Manoj Vasudevan

World-Renowned Expert on Next Level Leadership Readiness, World Champion of Public Speaking(2017), Management Consultant, Author, Imperial College Alumnus

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